Since 1976

Apollo has been serving the Western New York area since 1976 when Apollo began its journey installing and finishing drywall for area builders.  In 2000, after many years of success in the drywall field, the Apollo Painting division was launched, creating a turnkey interior wall solution for our customers.  This addition to our arsenal provides a great one-two punch for our new home clients.

In 2006, Apollo decided to offer its drywall, painting, and construction skillset to private, residential customers.  Our residential services include small to large drywall jobs, drywall repairs, water damage repairs, and residential re-painting for interior and exterior.  We, at Apollo, have truly enjoyed the experience of working one-on-one with our residential clients and are pleased that the Residential Division has grown into a major part of the Apollo Drywall & Painting identity.

In 2010 Apollo added the Apollo Concrete Coatings division. This division is devoted to concrete floor coatings with a wide array of color options to choose from.

Being lifetime residents of the area, the Apollo team is well aware that a WNY concrete floor must be constructed to sustain the salt exposure present in the extreme winter weather and must also contain UV protection for the summer months in addition to chemically resistant, stain-resistant, and anti-slip materials to protect against whatever comes in contact with one of our floors. This is why Apollo Concrete Coatings decided to not use epoxy and was one of the first companies to use Polyaspartic material for all of its garage top coatings.  Polyaspartic material is an impenetrable defense against the elements and has continued to exceed all performance and durability expectations of our customers.

Since 1976, Apollo has provided quality construction and services to the WNY area.  Whether your needs are commercial or residential, Apollo has the experience, expertise, and professionalism that you are looking for.