Apollo Concrete Coatings has you covered when it comes to industrial flooring options. Whether it’s the rapid return to service, custom colors, or the resistance to everyday wear and tear, we have the selection of products and systems to meet virtually any need.

We offer our Evolution (vinyl flakes) system as well as our solid color systems have rapid cure times, are UV stable, and are chemical and abrasion resistant.

Our solid polyurea system decreases downtime from a typical floor renovation & gets clients back to production 24 hours after completion time.

The solid polyurea floor option is easy to maintain and is designed to hold up even after extensive use. We can also provide a uniform anti-slip texture to these floors to ensure both employee and customer safety.

From shop floors to restaurants, the application is perfect for your business. Our floors come with a 5 year warranty against shipping, delamination, and peeling.

Huge firetruck on a shiny new floor by Apollo Concrete