Drywall & Painting

We are your interior go-to guys!

Whether you need plaster and lath removed and new wallboard installed in your older, historic home or just need some simple water damage repaired, Apollo has the expertise to handle all of it.

Apollo Drywall has been a leader in drywall services since 1976. If you’ve ever done drywall as a DIY project, you understand the amount of time and patience required to do an excellent job. With more than 40 years of experience under our belt, Apollo Drywall can efficiently install and repair drywall in your home while at the same time making sure the final look is smooth and seamless.


We know your time is precious, so why spend hours and days standing on ladders to paint the exterior of your home or dealing with all the detail work that comes with painting interior rooms? We’ve been painting the insides and the exteriors of homes in Western New York since 2000, so why not let the experts at Apollo Drywall come in and do it for you so you can relax and enjoy your home, rather than work on it.

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