Are cracks covered under the warranty?

Cracks of the concrete under the coating are not covered under our 15 limited Lifetime Warranty. We can come out and address any cracks that have resurfaced after the application for a fee.

How can I clean rust off of my floor?

CLR can be used for surface rust spots.  Spot clean rust spots with CLR on a cloth, rub into the area and rinse with water.  If you need help with cleaning, we do offer these services for a minimum fee of $150+.

However, rust from beneath the coating, such as exposed rebar, steel drains or steel railings may cause permanent staining. We would look at these and assess what can be done on an individual basis.

How do I remove standing water from my new coated floor?

Your topcoat creates an impermeable surface,  and water can collect on the surface if it has nowhere to go (i.e. drain).  We recommend using a squeegee that you can purchase from Sherwin Williams, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.

What type of squeegee can I use on my floor?

Any type of squeegee will be okay for your floor. You can pick them up from any hardware store.

What if my garage door does not close?

If your garage door does not close, check that the sensors on either side of the garage are cleaned and aligned.  There are times when dust can collect on these sensors to render them ineffective.  Also, there are times when the sensors get bumped into and knock them out of alignment.

Can I put rugs down on my coated floor?

Yes, we recommend using a rubber, honeycomb, anti-fatigue mat to avoid water getting trapped in the mat. For other mats, we recommend shifting or moving the rugs to avoid any mold build up due to trapped moisture.

Does the warranty depreciate?

We offer a limited Lifetime warranty. The warranty covers delaminating, peeling and discoloration. 

What type of shovels can I use on my floor?

Plastic is best. Try to avoid any shovels that have metal on the tip or else you may risk scratching your floor. 

Can I use Rock Salt on my floor?

Yes, you can. Any rock salt will be fine and should not harm your floor. After the winter months are over, any salt residue can be hosed away, or you can use a wet cloth to wipe it right off.  

Is it normal for my floor to be slippery when icy?

Yes, that is perfectly normal! When water sits on top of the floor and freezes there may be some slip. We recommend placing Rock Salt down and let it melt the ice away.