I had our garage floor done and wow, I am so impressed. Our garage is attached and just updating the floor really makes it feel part of our house! We picked the midnight color and it really brightens up our whole garage. It is nice and smooth and we had the non skid to keep it from being too slippery. The price is affordable, warranty is 15 years! The 2 installers came in and within 5 hours they were complete. No mess, very polite and very good at what they do. I would totally recommend them for anyone who is looking for a nice fresh update to their garage! Thank you for brightening up our 2021.
Paula M.
We just had Apollo do our garage floor. Absolutely beautiful job. We were so glad we choose them. They did a terrific job. The crew was very accommodating and helpful. On a job like this there is no substitute for quality. We definitely got our money’s worth. We will show & tell everyone in our neighborhood since many of them had recent concrete work done. Thank you very much Apollo Concrete !
Tom A.
Had Apollo come out to do my patio, it turned out fantastic. I wasn’t around while they were doing it but the end results were fantastic! Great job by the crew!
Russ and his crew, Mike, Dan and Lou, did a great job on our garage floor. We are very happy with the results. The floor looks beautiful. We met Apollo Concrete Coatings at the Buffalo Homeshow, 2020. Our research showed that standard epoxy garage floors were slippery when wet. Apollo uses a coating that has grip when wet. Also, the product is applied in one day and dries in 24 hours. The morning of the install, my wife was anxious about our floor color choice. I called Russ at 7 am, he answered his cell phone, and he had the crew bring out the two colors we were considering. Super considerate. Also assured us our first choice was a good one. The crew arrived on time, at 8 am. Mike, the foreman, showed us the two color choices by laying them out on our floor. It was immediately obvious to us that our first choice was what we wanted. The install crew was patient, reassuring, courteous and professional. Now we have a beautiful garage floor that meets form AND function!
Jim B.
I would like to commend the team of Courtney and Collin for the recent installation of the Apollo product on my two garage floors. The installation of both floors was flawless. Both Collin and Courtney were extremely cordial, friendly and informative when I asked a question. I was very impressed with their work ethic!! They make a great team. I have received many compliments on the finished product.
I would also like to complement Bridget every conversation we had on the phone was enjoyable, informative and even sometimes humorous!!! I look forward to many years of enjoying their work.
Paul R.
Apollo resurfaced my garage floor. It was the original concrete, pitted and stained over the years. Their process completely transformed the floor into a beautifully smooth and attractive surface. The best description is WOW! From the original sales call to completion of the project, the Apollo team make this project satisfactory in every way.
Over the years, my concrete garage floor had deteriorated from road salt, and became very pitted and stained. I was always reluctant to get an apoxy coating put on because I had heard they tended to be slippery and didn’t hold up well. Fortunately a friend told me about Apollo Concrete Coatings and their non-slip coatings and 15 year guarantee. They just turned my nasty, pitted, stained old garage floor into a thing of beauty! They showed up right at 8 am and by 2:00 pm the job was all done. They were pleasant, courteous, and professional. They were even able to coat under the wheelchair ramp in my garage, and made a very neat job of it. I will definitely recommend Apollo to all my friends.
Judith K
We have used Apollo twice now. Their customer service is amazing. Communication is amazing. They take the time to explain how and what needs to be done. Anyone that comes into our basement has the same reaction, Everyone says WOW!!! Pictures just don’t show how good the floors actually look in person. I highly recommend them its impossible to be disappointed with the work they provide. Thank you Apollo for the work you provided.
Angel S.
Apollo did an excellent job for us. Our basement floors are what we expected. We’re very happy with the gentlemen whom performed the work too. Great work, nice people.
Garnett J
They refinished our showroom, office, and restroom floors. They use a polyaspartic coating that they guarantee for 15 years. There were several color variations to choose from. The crew was very professional, polite, and thorough. The floors came out perfect. I would definitely recommend them.
John S.
Apollo did a fantastic job from beginning to end. There was absolutely no mess created, the floor looks perfect. When you finished you could eat off the floor it was so shiny. Everyone who has seen it are amazed at the quality of work and the product. Thank you.
Gary R
Courtney and Colin(hope I spelled correctly), were there right on time. They explained process and asked if I had questions. Asked and answered and they started. Grinding and prepping moved along. They worked steadily until lunch which was when 1 process was drying. Told us when they were leaving for lunch and when they would be back. Came back and did the other steps. It was hot and they never slowed down. They brought their own generator for grinders and there system is almost dustless. The finished floor is beautiful and durable and the crew were very professional and friendly. All our friends who have seen the floor are impressed and want to get it done. I know who we are recommending. Great job Apollo and your crew is to be commended. Thank you.
Art D
The team at Apollo showed up on time and completed their work with no fuss or muss! It was a great experience and I would recommend them to anyone who would like to resurface their garage. We now have a show-room floor that look great!
Candace B
My floor looks outstanding The workers are very professional. It gave us another room to use for entertainment during the warm months. Great job.
Rick R
The Apollo crew was both courteous and efficient. The coating that was applied to our entrance way sidewalk and porch has greatly enhanced the look of our entrance way. We’re extremely pleased with the workmanship and look of the finished product.
John F
Thank you for a beautiful job Apollo did on my garage floor. All the pit marks gone and a beautiful surface. The 2 gentlemen were professional and explained the process I would recommend them to anyone wishing to enhance their property.
Pat H